Asteroid Impact That Killed Dinosaurs 'Worst-Case' Scenario: Scientists - ExtremeTech
May 28, 2020 57 secs
Furthermore, when an asteroid strikes at 90 degrees, three distinctive features — the mantle uplift center, peak ring center, and crater center — are all on top of one another.

Instead, these features are staggered off-center, with the peak ring center and the mantle uplift center on opposite sides of the crater center.

The crater center is the center of the area the asteroid or comet excavated, the peak ring center is the center of the inner ring of displaced rock that forms in this type of complex crater (as shown in Lowell crater below), and the point of maximum mantle uplift is the spot where the mantle rose highest under the crust in response to the impact.

Lowell Crater, Mars, with peak ring visible.

What they found strongly suggests that the asteroid or comet approached at a 60-degree angle, based on the remains of the crater and how the debris was distributed.

At low impact angles, the center of the mantle uplift and the center of the simulated peak ring are both shifted downrange.

When the impact occurs at a high angle, the mantle uplift offsets uprange, while the peak impact ring offsets downrange.

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