Jun 16, 2021 1 min, 55 secs

GENEVA — President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he made it clear in his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the U.S.

Biden said in a news conference after the meeting that the tone was good and that the talks weren't conducted in a "hyperbolic atmosphere." He acknowledged that it will take time to know whether there will be any significant progress and that he wasn't confident that he had done anything to change Putin's behavior.

Biden met with Putin for just under four hours, slightly shorter than White House officials had expected but plenty of time to cover critical issues, Biden said.

He spoke to the media after Putin, who struck a cordial tone but didn't appear to cede any ground on the key issues of cyberattacks, aggression toward Ukraine or human rights violations.

He headed into the summit saying he was looking to lay down America's red lines — and outline the consequences to Putin should Russia cross those — to de-escalate tensions.

Biden said he warned Putin that the U.S.

Biden said that he expects Russia to act against groups in its territory carrying out ransomware attacks and that officials from both countries will continue talks.

Appearing to speak more to a domestic audience, Biden said he would continue to call out Russia for human rights violations, saying doing so was core to America's values.

"It's not about just going after Russia when they violate human rights.

"I made it clear to him that I believe the consequences of that would be devastating for Russia," Biden said.

"We discussed in detail what the next steps are to continue to take on arms control measures, the steps we need to take to reduce the risk of unintended conflict," Biden said.

The news conference wrapped up what appeared to be a relatively error-free event for Biden, potentially sparing him the widespread criticism other recent presidents faced after their meetings with Putin?

Biden did appear to lose his cool at the end of the news conference, snapping at a journalist who asked why he had confidence that Putin would change his behavior.

He took no responsibility for many of the key issues on which Biden has said Russia needs to change its behavior, including cyberattacks, aggression against Ukraine and human rights violations within Russia

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