European Space Agency Ready to Study the Original Structure of the Universe - Gizmodo
Jun 11, 2021 52 secs

In a meeting this week, the ESA’s science program committee announced the three chosen themes for future L-class missions: the further exploration of our Solar System’s giant moons; the observation of temperate exoplanets in our galaxy; and the study of the evolution of the first structures in the early Universe.

The first of these themes continues the trend of moon exploration seen in mission proposals like NASA’s Trident and the ESA’s JUpiter ICy moons Explorer, or JUICE, an L-class mission set to launch next year.

The agency also committed to making temperate exoplanets a mission focus by 2050.

(NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, slated to launch later this year, will look for objects in the same wavelength.) By the time the ESA’s next-gen mission gets off the ground, it’ll hopefully have a solid foundation of discoveries to build on.

The mission may look like the Planck and LISA space observatories, according to an agency release; the former studies the cosmic microwave background, and the latter is a gravitational wave observatory.

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