Minecraft Dungeons - Essential Tips And Tricks For Starting - GameSpot
May 26, 2020 3 mins, 0 secs
Once you think you've got a handle on the basics, stay tuned for more guides focussed on things like how the enchantment system works in Minecraft Dungeons.

One of the first things you’ll notice in Minecraft Dungeons is that mobs--huge groups of enemies who attack you all at once--are totally vicious!

One enchantment might speed up how quickly you reload your bow, while another could charge your armor with lightning dispelled with each and every strategic combat roll.

Basically, don’t be afraid to enchant items early on--you can sell them once you get better ones, getting a hefty amount of enchantment points back and allowing you to go wild with new, more powerful weapons and armor.

Every individual area in Minecraft Dungeons has its own unique array of weapons, armor, and artifacts to uncover.

But sometimes you’ll find a different kind of chest, which has the potential to contain unique weapons, armor, and artifacts that can’t be obtained anywhere else in the game.

Chest-hunting will ensure you’ll be wielding the strongest weapons, donning the best armor, and launching the most powerful arrows in no time.

Just don’t forget that a lot of these jumps are rigged so you get ambushed after opening said chest--the gear is always worth it, but you’ll want to make sure your preparations are airtight before committing.

If you’re on your last legs, you’ll want to prioritize avoiding all incoming damage and getting one or two hits in when it’s safe, Dark Souls style.

In Minecraft Dungeons, all enemies can deal damage to you, but only some can withstand it.

There are two progression metrics in Minecraft Dungeons: character level, and power rating.

Levelling up nets you access to enchantment points, which are hugely important, but power mostly just denotes an almost arbitrary numeric recommendation for entering dungeons.

I completed some level 22 dungeons at power level 16, but was defeated within minutes when I tried a level 16 dungeon shortly afterwards.

Each piece of gear and equipment has a power rating, but higher power ratings don’t necessarily make them better items, meaning that an overall power level of 30 could be dramatically worse than another build ranked as 15

The reason for this is mostly because each item has unique enchanting potential, so even though one axe might be rated as 12 power, it could have two enchantment slots, whereas a level 18 version might only have one

On top of that, because each enchantment is unique, the 18 axe might have a poor selection available, whereas the technically less valuable one could allow you to combine lightning attacks with soul absorption

This last tip isn’t completely necessary, but if you really, truly want to deal damage in Minecraft Dungeons, you can commit to a magical build based on something called "soul gathering."

On top of standard armor in Minecraft Dungeons, you can collect rare Soul Robes that enable you to harvest the souls of the enemies you kill

So what is soul damage

These artifacts do one of two things: deal damage, or regain health

It’s worth noting that Soul robes reduce artifact cooldown times, acting in a similar capacity to mage robes in traditional RPGs, and if you play smart, you’ll essentially have an infinite loop of devastating soul damage and last-ditch soul healing

So, if you’ve gotten the hang of Minecraft Dungeons and want to try something a little more fun, deck yourself out in a nice soul outfit, equip a soul dagger and soul bow--which harvest souls quicker, as you might expect--and get your best magical soul artifacts in order

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