Streamline your productivity with the award-winning 2Do task manager — and get it for 60% off
Apr 23, 2019 53 secs

We all occasionally struggle with a case of scatter-brain — but for a lot of us, it can feel incredibly difficult to get back on track with a project or even a train of thought in an email once you've already been distracted. Since most of us don't have a personal assistant to keep us a little more accountable (and on-topic), tools like this 2Do Task Manager can be a productivity lifesaver, keeping you on task even if you did just have that ad-hoc meeting or last-minute assignment thrown your way. 

This helpful tool is all about speed and productivity: you can quickly jot down multiple tasks in seconds so you don't forget them with the quick entry feature, and color-code them for organizational purposes. You can also manage projects with ease, keeping related projects and tasks together with an exhaustive set of functions to help you find what you need to get things done, including sort, focus, tag, location, and date range filters. Read more...

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