The Release of 1 Billion Exterminator Mosquitoes Has Begun - Gizmodo
Apr 30, 2021 51 secs
Tens of thousands of male mosquitoes are descending on the Florida Keys.

The project marks the first time GMO mosquitoes have ever been released in the U.S., was launched by the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) with the private British firm biotech Oxitec.

The idea is that the GMO mosquitoes will lower populations of Aedes aegypti, a type of mosquito species common in the Florida Keys that spread these insect-borne diseases.

Oxitec has obtained an Experimental Use Permit from the Environmental Protection Agency, to release 1 billion of these genetically modified mosquitoes across 6,600 acres in Florida and Texas over the next two years.

That means by mating with the disease-spreading mosquitoes, the Oxitec mosquitoes could create hybrid babies that could actually be more resistant to insecticides than wild mosquitoes and worsen the spread of disease.

One field study on the mosquitoes from Brazil found that the bugs’ engineered genes spread into wild mosquito populations.

Last month, a panel of independent experts testified at the Florida Keys Mosquito Board, raising these issues.

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