What causes miscarriages? An expert explains why women shouldn't blame themselves - Yahoo News
May 05, 2021 2 mins, 18 secs
As many as one in four recognized pregnancies result in miscarriage.

I am a fellow in maternal-fetal medicine, and I have seen firsthand the emotional upheaval that many women experience after miscarriage.

I know that having honest dialogue about the incidence and cause of early pregnancy loss may foster a community of support and make the topic of pregnancy loss less taboo.

About 15% to 25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies result in pregnancy loss.

Many of the abnormal chromosomes are incompatible with life and result in miscarriage.

About 5% of women will experience two consecutive pregnancy losses, and 1% will experience three or more consecutive pregnancy losses.

Consecutive pregnancy loss is known as recurrent pregnancy loss.

Women who experience this should discuss it with their obstetrician/gynecologist and schedule a clinical workup.

The cause of pregnancy loss is often beyond a woman’s control.

A clotting disorder known an antiphospholipid syndrome also is associated with pregnancy loss.

About 5% to 20% of patients with recurrent pregnancy loss will be positive for antiphospholipid antibodies, but women are not routinely screened for this condition.

If a women has a history of recurrent pregnancy loss, however, she and her physician should consider testing for this syndrome.

Also, doctors who treat pregnant women who smoke, drink alcohol or use other drugs can and should help them get treatment to help them stop.

Ceasing the use of tobacco, alcohol and other substances has been associated with a decreased risk of miscarriage.

There is often a grief response associated with pregnancy loss.

Increased awareness and sensitivity to the issues associated with pregnancy loss are essential to eliminating the stigma some women experience.

And, many women feel guilty when they experience a miscarriage, which may compound the grief.

Having more open dialogue regarding pregnancy loss may reveal just how common miscarriage is.

During this Mother’s Day celebration, let us celebrate mothers with living children and honor those who have had the unfortunate experience of pregnancy loss.

Currently pregnant women are given a rough due date, based on counting 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual cycle and looking at the baby’s size using an ultrasound.

Pre-labour phase In preparation for delivery, the scientists found that pregnant women begin producing more clotting factors which help stop blood loss after the birth.

"It's not a single switch; there's this preparation that the body has to go through." The shift from ongoing pregnancy to the pre-labour phase was detected both in women who had full-term pregnancies and those who delivered prematurely.

"It needs to be a regulated process." Researchers are now planning to validate the findings in more pregnant women and to narrow the number of biological markers needed to predict labour onset.

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