Sydney lockdown protests slammed as idiotic and selfish, as half of Australia is in lockdown
Jul 24, 2021 1 min, 21 secs
Half of the country is in lockdown right now, so vision of a huge swarm of “selfish” protesters in Sydney hasn’t gone down well.

Protests have turned violent as thousands of anti-lockdown protesters take to the streets in Sydney CBD.

The anti-lockdown demonstrators have been labelled “clowns”, “idiots” and “unbelievably selfish” by those watching events unfold on social media, many of them in lockdown around the country.

while i’m stuck inside doing the right thing like so many others these clowns are at a protest against lockdown and vaccines while case numbers are climbing here in sydney.

This extraordinarily selfish anti lockdown protest in Sydney is a nice reminder that as bad as things are, they can always get worse.

“Can’t express enough my rage at the large anti-lockdown protest now happening in Sydney.

Added a third: “Just watched videos of the protest happening right now in Sydney, I’ve never wanted natural selection to work so bad in my life!”

On Twitter, another person said: “Anyone attending the anti lockdown protest in Sydney should forfeit their right to ANY medical treatment.”

“Stupid idiots in Sydney holding crowds to protest against lockdown because apparently that‘s going to do f**king anything at all and not pose a risk to the wider community who are abiding to the lockdown f**king orders,” someone else commented

“This lockdown protest in Sydney has none of that.”

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