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The 42-year-old actor , who starred in 'Pearl Harbour', 'Black Hawk Down' and 'The Virgin Suicides', stepped back from the limelight after starting a family with his long-term partner Tamsin Egerton.

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The province has received enough of the vaccine to give 1.9 per cent of its population a single dose.

The province has used 91.61 per cent of its available vaccine supply.

Manitoba is reporting 1,519 new vaccinations administered for a total of 23,884 doses given.

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The assumption might be that actions that spread a lot of droplets—like sneezing, coughing, or shouting—are the most risky in terms of COVID transmission, but this new research out of the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London suggests otherwise.

The larger droplets associated with coughing fell to the ground at a shorter distance and at a quicker pace, while the smaller droplets produced by talking carried the virus over 6.5 feet and lingered in a room for a longer period of time.

"Speaking is a very important issue that has to be considered because it produces much finer particles [than coughing] and these particles, or aerosol, can be suspended for over an hour in amounts that are sufficient to cause the disease," de Oliveira told The Guardian.

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Another 67 people have died with coronavirus in Wales but the number of new cases has dropped below 1,000 for the first time in weeks.

Latest figures from Public Health Wales published on Friday, January 22 show 801 new cases of the virus have been recorded to bring the total since the pandemic began to 185,836.

The overall death total with lab-confirmed coronavirus now stands at 4,459 in Wales.

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(CNN)Imagine suffering a serious accident and calling 911 but not getting an ambulance immediately

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At Twin Lakes Terrace there are 16 positive cases among residents, four involving staff, and one resident death.

Vision Rest Home had 22 cases among residents and six involving staff.

There were three active workplace outbreaks with a total of 15 cases.

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The numerical experiments performed by the interdisciplinary team showed that the relative chronologies of early onset and protracted finish of accretion in the inner Solar System, and a later onset and more rapid accretion of the outer Solar System planets can be explained by two distinct formation epochs of planetesimals, the building blocks of the planets.

Recent observations of planet-forming disks showed that disk midplanes, where planets form, may have relatively low levels of turbulence.


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The Finnish scientist said that the satellites would be around the dwarf planet Ceres, that lies nearly 325 million miles from Earth and added that “the  motivation is to have a settlement with artificial gravity that allows growth beyond Earth’s living area.” Most of the assumptions regarding future human settlements revolve around the moon or Mars owing to close proximity to the Earth

However, Janhunen’s proposal looks a little different farther than the usual approach. 

Read - Space Jam 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer Details And Leaks About The Upcoming Movie

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One explanation is that, in the middle layer (the chromosphere), magnetic waves exert a force that separates the Sun's plasma into different components, so that only the ion particles are transported into the corona, while leaving neutral particles behind (thus leading to a build-up of elements such as iron, silicon and magnesium in the outer atmosphere).

Now, in a new study published in The Astrophysical Journal, researchers combined observations from a telescope in New Mexico, the United States, with satellites located near Earth to identify a link between magnetic waves in the chromosphere and areas of abundant ionised particles in the hot outer atmosphere.

Lead author Dr Deborah Baker (UCL Space & Climate Physics) said: "The different chemical compositions of the Sun's inner and outer layers were first noted more than 50 years ago.

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This week, a memo stemming from the company’s top brass suggested that it’s exploring “all possibilities” for its mobile division.

This has led to rumors of a sell-off to another smartphone firm.

While this eventuality isn’t something LG would want, it might be a valid option.

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It’s unlike any game released this year…” The game is available now on both the PS4 and PS5

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Fortnite is heading to the future and the past as the T-800 and Sarah Connor from the Terminator series have now joined the game as skins.

The pair arrived as part of the game’s shop update on Thursday night.

While there are plenty of versions of both the model T-800 Terminator and Sarah Connor to choose from, it seems these two aren’t necessarily chasing each other across time.

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“Senate Republicans are strongly united behind the principle that the institution of the Senate, the office of the presidency, and former President Trump himself all deserve a full and fair process that respects his rights and the serious factual, legal, and constitutional questions at stake,” especially given the unprecedented speed of the House process, McConnell said.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is reviewing the plan and will discuss it with McConnell, a spokesperson said.

The two leaders are also negotiating how the new 50-50 Senate will work and how they will balance other priorities.

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The mystery of why virtually all of the seniors and 74 workers became infected with COVID-19 at Roberta Place long-term care is now becoming clear -- one of the new variants of the novel coronavirus was behind the outbreak.


Six residents at the home in Barrie, Ont.

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John Kurc, an activist who posts videos of dynamite blasts by wall construction crews, said he saw one dynamite charge being set Wednesday afternoon in Guadalupe Canyon in easternmost Arizona, even as the inauguration was playing out in Washington.

Heavy machines have been crawling over roadways gouged into rocky mountainsides, tapping open holes for posts on U.S.

Bureau of Land Management property.

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Public health officials have reported more than 22,600 COVID-19 cases across eastern Ontario and western Quebec, including nearly 22,000 resolved cases.

One hundred and eight people have died of COVID-19 elsewhere in eastern Ontario and 147 people have died in western Quebec. .

CBC Ottawa is profiling those who've died of COVID-19.

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Microsoft is also allowing Xbox Live Gold members to convert their remaining Gold time into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (up to 36 months).

The conversion means if you have 11 months of Xbox Live Gold left on your account, you can upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and convert it into 11 months of Ultimate with no extra costs.

Unless you subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, this does mean the price of the service is moving from $60 a year to $120.

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Scientists discover burrows of giant predator worms that lived on the seafloor 20 million years ago.

Bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois).

If you happened to be traversing the seafloor of Eurasia about 20 million years ago, you'd likely come across giant predator worms as long as several meters, claims new research.

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Renee Paquette and WWE Backstage are returning for a night next weekend as they preview the Royal Rumble.

Paquette announced on Twitter on Thursday that WWE Backstage will return on FOX Sports 1 on January 30th at 8 PM ET/PT along with Paige and Booker T.

Renee Paquette, Royal Rumble, WWE Backstage, Jeremy Thomas.


Dave Chappelle Tests Positive For COVID-19, Cancels Texas Shows
1 day ago
Dave Chappelle Tests Positive For COVID-19, Cancels Texas Shows
33 secs


Just two days ago, Chappelle was photographed at Stubb’s Ampitheater in Austin, TX with Joe Rogan, who was set to perform in two of the shows, as well as Grimes, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, and champion of comedy Elon Musk, who we can only hope was there as a spectator and not a comedian.

A rep for Chappelle says that the comedian is currently quarantining and as of yet has not experienced any symptoms.

Wishing Chappelle an especially speedy recovery because we simply must see his set about what it’s like to potentially give or get COVID-19 the richest man in the world.

Police Investigate Armie Hammer Over Miss Cayman Scandal, Actor 'Warned About His Conduct'
1 day ago
Police Investigate Armie Hammer Over Miss Cayman Scandal, Actor 'Warned About His Conduct'
37 secs


“I would like to clarify that the person in my video, which was stolen from my private Instagram, is not Miss Cayman,” Hammer said, clarifying that the woman in the video isn’t a beauty pageant contestant.

“I am genuinely sorry for any confusion my foolish attempt at humour may have caused.”.

“My deep sympathies to Miss Cayman, who I don’t know, and to the entire organization as I had no intentions of implying she was actually Miss Cayman,” Hammer said.

Rowdy Rebel Drops Snippet To First Post-Prison Song
1 day ago
Rowdy Rebel Drops Snippet To First Post-Prison Song
16 secs


Over the course of these last few months, fans have been asking themselves when Rowdy would decide to officially release a song and now, it seems like that time is upon us.

In the Instagram clip below, Rowdy Rebel unveiled a brand new snippet for a track called "Reroute" which is a collaboration with Funk Flex.


PS5 Exclusive Destruction AllStars Gets New Trailer
1 day ago
PS5 Exclusive Destruction AllStars Gets New Trailer
37 secs


PlayStation today revealed a new trailer for the upcoming video game Destruction AllStars that highlights the various characters in the video game from developer Lucid Games.

You might recall that Destruction AllStars was delayed from the launch of the PlayStation 5 late last year to instead launch this coming February for the next-gen console and as part of PlayStation Plus for two months, and the new trailer gives a better idea of what to expect from the multiplayer video game when it does go live.

Sixteen over-the-top competitors battle for international fame in Destruction AllStars, coming to PS5 and PlayStation Plus next month: https://t.co/VPzGG2Nxqb pic.twitter.com/caisSAveQb.

The mopping mistake that is making your home DIRTIER
2 days ago
The mopping mistake that is making your home DIRTIER
4 mins, 38 secs


Before you organise your home, Stephanie - who blogs under Just Another Mummy - said you need to declutter everything?

'When you declutter a space, it always gets worse before it gets better,' she said.

'You don't want to be organising junk in your house that you don't need and you will learn along the way what you actually need.' ?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 Review
3 days ago
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 Review
2 mins, 44 secs


Once I took the system out of the box, I installed the removable battery, replaced the back covering, and dropped the tablet into the rugged case that comes with the Galaxy Tab Active3.

The tablet didn't feel very rugged until I dropped it into the case.

I noticed immediately that this case feels durable and fits the tablet like a glove.


Tragic daily NHS figures as coronavirus death toll in Teesside hospitals passes 900
16 hours ago
Tragic daily NHS figures as coronavirus death toll in Teesside hospitals passes 900
18 secs


The total number of deaths at South Tees hospitals stands at 465.

Due to the way the NHS records data, Covid-19 deaths which have occurred over a number of dates can be announced in one day.

Across England, a further 993 people have died in hospitals after contracting the virus.

Strictly's Karen Hauer joins Jess Wright and Laura Anderson for cervical cancer charity campaign
19 hours ago
Strictly's Karen Hauer joins Jess Wright and Laura Anderson for cervical cancer charity campaign
1 min, 32 secs


Must go! The celebrities involved and Misspap want to encourage fans to go to their smear tests as part of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which takes place 18-24 January (Samira pictured).

'Fearless': The clothing giant aims to promote 'fearless smears' and wants women to feel 'empowered' by attending (twins Jess and Eve Gale L-R pictured) .

'Comfortable': The 'comfortable' underwear set has poppable knickers to help women feel less exposed and be examined easier (Kady McDermott pictured)  .

Pfizer Vaccine Safe for Elderly Despite Norway Scare, WHO Says
22 hours ago
Pfizer Vaccine Safe for Elderly Despite Norway Scare, WHO Says
38 secs


Reports of deaths “are in line with the expected, all-cause mortality rates and causes of death in the sub-population of frail, elderly individuals, and the available information does not confirm a contributory role for the vaccine in the reported fatal events,” the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety said in a statement on Friday

The risk-benefit balance of the vaccine “remains favorable in the elderly.”

The panel met on Tuesday to review reports that some very sick older people had died after getting the vaccine


When Can You Play The ‘Resident Evil: Village’ Demo On PS4 And Xbox?
16 hours ago
When Can You Play The ‘Resident Evil: Village’ Demo On PS4 And Xbox?
51 secs


The fact that the company definitely seems to be drawing a distinction between the “Maiden” demo and this other multiplatform demo makes me think that it’s going to be a different demo from this one, though hopefully with enough Tall Vampire Lady to go around.

For those wondering, Spring officially starts on March 21, and the game comes out on May 7.

So the demo will, necessarily, come out between those two dates.

James Bond movie No Time to Die delayed again amid pandemic
19 hours ago
James Bond movie No Time to Die delayed again amid pandemic
55 secs


The global release of the James Bond movie No Time to Die was postponed to October from April, its producers said, another setback for movie theatres trying to rebuild a business crushed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The movie's new debut date is Oct.

8, according to an announcement on the James Bond website and Twitter feed.

No Time to Die Delayed Again, Targets Fall 2021 Release
1 day ago
No Time to Die Delayed Again, Targets Fall 2021 Release
46 secs


No Time to Die was originally due to hit theaters on April 10, 2020 in the US, followed by its first delay to November 12, 2020, then a second delay to April 2, 2021

It will now be released worldwide on October 8, 2021, six years after the last film Spectre

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