Former chancellor Alistair Darling dies aged 70

Former chancellor Alistair Darling dies aged 70

Former chancellor Alistair Darling dies aged 70
Nov 30, 2023 1 min, 7 secs

Leaders from across the political spectrum have paid tribute to the former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling, who stewarded the economy through the 2008 crash, after his death at the age of 70.

Brown, who picked Darling to be his successor as chancellor, said he was “a statesman of unimpeachable integrity whose life was defined by a strong sense of social justice”.

Darling was in charge of the Treasury during the turbulence of the global financial crisis when the taxpayer rescued large parts of the banking sector in a series of unprecedented bailouts.

Torsten Bell, the director of the Resolution Foundation thinktank, who was an adviser to Darling at the Treasury, called him “a man who always felt the weight of the huge decisions that public service involves, but was still able to take them – even in the darkest of economic times”.

Brian Wilson, a former Labour minister and close friend of Darling’s, said: “He certainly wasn’t a prima donna, in any sense: he was just a calm, able guy, but always with a good moral and political compass.

Widely expected to lose in those encounters, Darling won the first with a caustic put-down of the first minister’s uncertainties about which currency Scotland would use after independence, while denouncing the prospectus for leaving the union as being based on “guesswork, fingers crossed or his blind faith”.

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