How do civilisations collapse? Ask Lee Anderson | Stewart Lee

How do civilisations collapse? Ask Lee Anderson | Stewart Lee

How do civilisations collapse? Ask Lee Anderson | Stewart Lee
Mar 03, 2024 1 min, 15 secs

Someday, the communique advising all Tory MPs to just use the word ‘wrong’ over and over again will come to light It’s hard to imagine the Daily Telegraph, Britain’s worst newspaper, becoming even more rightwing, and even less trustworthy, but Marshall plans to buy it and then it will become a mere tissue of Tufton Street talking points.

Last month, Conservative party social media accounts selectively clipped news footage to make the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, appear antisemitic, using a mid-sentence stumble he immediately corrected.

On Times Radio, the Tory party chair, Richard Holden, defended the Conservatives’ circulation of the fake footage, largely unchallenged in my opinion by the accommodating presenter, Calum Macdonald.

In Wednesday’s PMQs, Keir Starmer, by criticising the Conservatives’ relationship with Nigel Farage, made it clear he was finally happy to let those same voters swing to Reform plc, where the red wall referendum cannon-fodder whose votes holed Britain below the waterline for a generation can be farmed like pigs for political power by Richard Tice.

On Monday, the Tory Forest of Dean MP Mark Harper told Sky’s Kay Burley that Anderson’s comments were “wrong” 10 times, but refused her repeated invitations to clarify.

Last weekend, a helpful farmer pointed me in the direction of the Brand End Stones, said I was welcome to walk across his land on what appeared to be a Roman road, and confessed that the smaller of the two monoliths was now considerably shorter, having been kicked by a horse.

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