Tory MPs pressure Sunak to take ‘urgent action’ on migration

Tory MPs pressure Sunak to take ‘urgent action’ on migration

Tory MPs pressure Sunak to take ‘urgent action’ on migration
Nov 27, 2023 1 min, 8 secs

Jenrick – who was taunted by the opposition over reports he is on “resignation watch” over his own push for a firmer migration line – told Tory MPs the Rwanda scheme remained “an important part” of the government’s plans after Cleverly said at the weekend that it was “not the be-all and end-all” of policy.

However, there were doubts about the timing of a new treaty with Rwanda and legislation promised within days of the supreme court’s ruling that the deportation plan was unlawful, as No 10 declined to commit to having such pact in place before Christmas.

During awkward exchanges in parliament, the Conservative MP James Morris brought up comments Cleverly made in a Times interview about being frustrated with the fixation on the Rwanda policy.

Cleverly said he would not “prejudge” the content of the government’s emergency legislation on its Rwanda scheme as several other Tory MPs sought assurances the bill would allow for international treaties to be disapplied.

As for the introduction of emergency legislation allowing parliament to deem the Rwanda scheme safe, Conservative MPs are anxious that it is brought forward swiftly before a window is missed this year.

Sunak insisted at an event on Monday that he was determined to bring net migration down amid reports he reneged on a leadership contest deal with Braverman to raise the salary threshold for migrant workers to £40,000.

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