1 in 100,000: The story of a fentanyl victim - CNN
Nov 30, 2021 1 min, 6 secs
"They let Matthew's legacy be one of helping other people not go down that same path," she said.

Karen said Matthew was a gift to her from the start -- born seven years after his brother when she had waited and longed for a second child.

Other times, he would take off sick, with symptoms like the flu that the Butchers now recognize as signs of withdrawal.

"He got in trouble one night for going through the purses of the women who were working," Karen said.

"I had some jewelry that was missing and I thought one of his friends had come into my house," Karen said.

When he went to rehab the first time, Karen hoped and believed her son would be the one to beat his addiction.

"I just remember crying out, 'I wasn't ready to let you go' and spend some time alone with him, you know, patting his hair, touching his hands, he looked like he was just asleep."

While Matthew was alive, his parents sought information and input about what he was going through and how to help.

Some of the comments were not useful -- people who thought he could just stop or that rehab was a guaranteed way out -- but they were also introduced to support groups like Parents of Addicted Loved Ones.

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