16 Easy Exercises That Can Improve Your Posture - HuffPost

16 Easy Exercises That Can Improve Your Posture - HuffPost

16 Easy Exercises That Can Improve Your Posture - HuffPost
Aug 12, 2022 2 mins, 17 secs

“This exercise works all the muscles of the back, and helps counterbalance the weight of the chest and support the spine,” explained Sebastien Lagree, a trainer and founder of Lagree Fitness.

“Strengthening the muscles that retract the scapula leads to better posture,” said Dr.

Start with your arms straight down in front of you with your palms facing your body, then pull the weights back, squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top.

This exercise, she said, can provide a good stretch on the front of your body where muscles are tight, as well as strengthen the back muscles to help maintain a good posture.

“Hold the band with straight arms in front of you at chest level,” Puleo said.

This exercise stretches the tight chest muscles and strengthens the underworked back muscles.

“Since the chest is usually tight in a person with bad posture, doing a doorway stretch can truly help loosen those muscles and make it easier to maintain a good posture throughout the day,” Puleo explained.

This exercise strengthens the erector spinae muscles, which are responsible for helping the body to extend and rotate the spine.

Badia said this exercise strengthens the paraspinal muscles that support your back and hamstrings, all of which help posture.

“Shoulder blade squeezes strengthen muscles in the upper back that hold the upper body in good posture,” said Kandis Daroski, a physical therapist with Hinge Health.

“In order to assume or get into good posture, one must have the necessary flexibility and mobility,” Daroski said.

“This is a great exercise to start or end your day with,” Daroski said.

“They help strengthen muscles deep within the neck that keep the head pulled back in good posture,” she said.

“With prolonged sitting or standing in poor posture, the muscles of the abdomen can become weak, which allows for an increase in the arch of the low back,” Daroski said.

Abdominal bracing can help improve the strength of the core muscles by providing support to your low back and improving your standing posture, she explained.

“This exercise can also be performed in a sitting or standing position,” Daroski said.

Shoulder shrugs are another exercise that can help target tech neck.

“This opens up the chest and stretches the front of the shoulders, helping to improve posture,” said Alissa Tucker, a certified personal trainer and master trainer at AKT.

Tucker said to be careful that you’re not holding too much tension in your neck during this exercise

“This strengthens the deep flexor muscles in the back of the neck to help keep the neck in proper alignment over the shoulders.”

“Drag those elbows and your hands straight down into your body while keeping your arms flat on the ground,” Kozak said

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