23 Juicy And Disturbing Secrets That Came Out About People After They Died
Jan 13, 2022 1 min, 35 secs
"My great-great grandfather replaced his wife/mother of his children with a near copy and passed her off as the original in their new life in America.".

"It made me so sad to think he was living this double life where he was being encouraged by all these strangers while his friends and family were begging him to get help.

My great-great grandfather replaced his wife/mother of his children with a near copy and passed her off as the original in their new life in America.

I know my uncle isn’t lying and he and I have always been close.

Everyone in the family knows it but my uncle.

And it’s really strange because my uncle looks SO much like my grandfather, but science isn’t usually wrong.".

"I found out when I was a lot older that my father had a secret wife he would visit on gambling trips to Macau and the kid at the door was my half-brother who had come looking for his father's family.

In his little journal, good old great-grandpa admitted to killing his aunt, uncle, and three of his cousins.

He literally disappeared and had a second family

All the men's names in the family repeat."

"Apparently back in the 1950s there was a gruesome killing that took place in our town of a high school girl who happened to be a friend of my aunt

My aunt claimed that she knows Dicky did it

He lived on the road the body was found on, his family were farmers and had access to the sacks the body was covered with, and was known to be a loner, creep type and had a crush on the girl

But my aunt said she never saw him that night

My sister pieced together the missing family from a unique last name on one of the birth certificates

Uncle, in his '80s

He looks like him too

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