7 Things To Do In Destiny 2 Before Lightfall - Kotaku

7 Things To Do In Destiny 2 Before Lightfall - Kotaku

7 Things To Do In Destiny 2 Before Lightfall - Kotaku
Feb 07, 2023 1 min, 1 sec

In addition to seven new pieces of Exotic gear that have been revealed so far, the expansion will also pit players directly against an evil army trying to smother the solar system in Darkness.

Better yet, take a few nights and tackle it on Legendary difficulty which will make the smooth-brained loot shooter feel a little more like classic Halo, especially if playing solo or with just one friend.

Seasons 16 through 19 provided a ton of new character developments and important reveals that helped explain motivations and build intrigue in between the main boss battles.

The main things you need to know are that Cabal Empress Caiatl is on your team now, her daddy is working for the manifestation of evil, Fallen Kell Mithrax made a potion to revive Osiris, and Warmind Rasputin can now talk directly to the player and wax philosophical.

Also, Bungie is currently letting players decrypt one red-border weapon per day, making it easier than ever to unlock the crafting patterns for all of these guns.

Since focusing Engrams is currently the game’s main way of letting you grind for specific pieces of loot, and that process requires a lot of Legendary Shards, many players have been tearing through their reserves.

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