A new drug seeks 'true revenge' on COVID by turning the virus against itself - Fortune

A new drug seeks 'true revenge' on COVID by turning the virus against itself - Fortune

A new drug seeks 'true revenge' on COVID by turning the virus against itself - Fortune
Oct 03, 2022 1 min, 12 secs

research institute has developed an experimental COVID treatment he calls “true revenge” that weaponizes the virus against itself.

But unlike Paxlovid, which prevents COVID from replicating in an infected person’s body, NMT5 alters the virus, causing it to gain “warheads” that temporarily alter the cells where COVID usually attaches and enters so that the virus is no longer capable of infecting them.

Those infected with COVID who take the new drug are expected to spread virus that destroys itself—meaning it should be unable to infect a new host, according to the study.

It’s a feat no other COVID vaccine or treatment has yet to accomplish—“true revenge” on a virus that has caused so much death and suffering in recent years, says Lipton, who is also professor of neurosciences and neurology at the University of San Diego School of Medicine and the Yale School of Medicine.

29 in Nature Chemical Biology found promising results by using the experimental drug in Syrian golden hamsters, which are extremely susceptible to COVID and are considered the gold standard in testing potential therapeutics.

“The beauty of this new drug is that it’s totally novel,” Lipton said about the drug that started as a treatment for the flu before being morphed into an Alzheimer’s drug—and now, perhaps, the latest weapon against COVID. .

“We took an antiviral drug and made it better for the brain, then made it better against the virus.

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