Aaron Rodgers wears 'offended' T-shirt amid Packers drama - New York Post
Jun 15, 2021 1 min, 10 secs

During a video call promoting next month’s golf match with Tom Brady, Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson, Rodgers wore a T-shirt that read, “I’m offended,” which had social media sleuths connecting dots to recent comments made by Packers president Mark Murphy.

“Aaron Rodgers shirt really says ‘I’m offended,'” one Twitter user remarked.

Another user posed, “Aaron Rodgers wearing an ‘I’m offended shirt’ is definitely because of Mark Murphy isn’t it.”.

Over the weekend, Murphy appeared to describe Rodgers as a “complicated fella,” according to reports amid festering drama between the Packers and the reigning MVP.

“It’s been one of those quiet offseasons you dream about, where you can kind of just go through your process on your own, quietly, and that’s all you can ask for as an older player in the league, and someone who’s been around for a long time and just enjoys that time to yourself, to just relax, to not be bothered, to not have any obligations or anything going on,” Rodgers said

On the call, Brady jabbed the 37-year-old quarterback about January’s NFC Championship game, when Packers coach Matt LaFleur opted for a fourth-quarter field goal instead of giving Rodgers the ball and a chance to score against Brady’s Bucs

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