Activision Is Earning More Money From Mobile Than PC And Console Combined - Kotaku

Activision Is Earning More Money From Mobile Than PC And Console Combined - Kotaku

Activision Is Earning More Money From Mobile Than PC And Console Combined - Kotaku
Aug 05, 2022 40 secs

And because of games like Diablo Immortal, Call of Duty Mobile, and Candy Crush Saga, the beleaguered Call of Duty publisher’s making a lot of cash off phone games.

In fact, more than half of its total earnings for the second quarter of 2022 came from mobile titles and not console or PC games.

What you might not expect, especially if you don’t realize how massive mobile gaming has become over the last decade, is that of the $831 million made off phone games, most of it came from King’s titles and not stuff like Call of Duty Mobile.

What these numbers reveal is that for big publishers like Activision, the future is likely one where it invests even more resources and money into mobile games and focuses less and less on console games.

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