Add These 3 Nutrients To Your Diet For Lush, Healthy Hair Growth* -
Oct 24, 2021 1 min, 25 secs

So if you want to encourage healthy hair growth here are some of the top nutrients to prioritize in your diet.

(Here, we should also say that hair growth requires proper care from multiple angles—check out our full guide to hair growth here.) Read on and eat up. .

While hair does not contain collagen (like the skin does), collagen peptides can provide your diet with more amino acids.

Those amino acids can then be turned into keratin to form healthy hair at the follicle.* Additionally it can support scalp health and buffer against follicle irritation.* If you are looking for recommendations, check out our all-time favorite collagen supplements here. .

B vitamins, like biotin and niacin, can help support hair growth by supporting cellular energy production and tending to free radicals and encouraging healthy hair growth.* Biotin in particular seems to help with keratin production.* In one small study, women reported hair growth when supplementing with biotin (as part of a multi-ingredient supplement) when compared to those given a placebo.* Additionally, deficiencies are connected to loss and breakage.* However, biotin deficiency in the U.S?

Vitamin D is thought to be one of the fat-soluble vitamins needed for creating and supporting functioning hair follicles.* Additionally, research shows that people who have low vitamin D levels may experience hair shedding as a result.* (Almost all Americans are failing to consume just 400 IU of vitamin D from their daily diet, and clinical vitamin D insufficiency persists in almost half of the population—41%, to be exact.) Additional research is needed to determine the vitamins' role in growth, but it’s pretty apparent that not having enough can have an impact on normal hair health overall.* !

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