AEW Dynamite Live Coverage: TBS Title Tournament, CM Punk In Action - Wrestling Inc.
Nov 25, 2021 4 mins, 4 secs

– CM Punk makes his entrance out for the opening match.

Out strolls MJF and heads to the ring as the crowd chants “ass****!” MJF tells Punk it doesn’t feel so good to get interrupted, does it?

MJF continues that every MJF moment is the best moment, he’s not a one-trick pony like Punk.

He says he’s proud of Punk for being straight edge, but never thought someone like that would look so much like a meth addict.

MJF brings up Punk doing interviews about who he’d like to face and it was everyone except for MJF.

He knows it’s just because Punk doesn’t want it.

MJF says Punk doesn’t wanna go one-on-one on the stick?

Well, too bad, “I’m gonna finish you quicker than your UFC career.” MJF says Punk can drop all the pipebombs he wants because he drops nukes.

“I’m so disappointed in you,” Punk says to a confused MJF.

He thought MJF was “my jealous fan.” Punk says he never mentioned him because he didn’t want to feed his rotten ego.

Punk says he knows MJF has a poster of him on his wall.

Punk says last week he shut up the great MJF without saying a word.

Punk says MJF had a whole week for zingers and went for the lowest hanging fruit.

He says MJF thinks he’s revolutionary when in reality he’s “just a less famous Miz.” MJF says that’s “almost what I wanted” from Punk.

MJF says Punk has been struggling to beat lower talent.

He makes fun of Punk being so happy and does a robotic Punk promo.

MJF says Punk claimed he came back to face young talent, but also a boatload of money.

MJF makes fun of Punk doing comics and movies that nobody read/watched.

He knows Punk envies him.

He also knows Punk hates him because he’s everything that promoters love, while he was a scrawny kid that had to claw his way up.

MJF says Punk has always been second best, either to John Cena or Triple H.

Punk says he wanted Darby Allin first, instead of MJF and that chews MJF up.

Punk also notes MJF isn’t even in the four pillars anymore because he’s been replaced by Britt Baker.

Punk says he’s fine with being called number two?

Punk asks MJF if he thinks he’s number one.

Punk says last time he was in Chicago, he gave away ice cream bars, but this time he wants to give the crowd something else, punching MJF.

Punk with a big kick to the head.

Punk with a few strikes, flying heel kick, rising knee in the corner, elbow drop off the top rope, GTS hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Christian says he’s going to make sure they win the tag titles.

Matt Lee says Kingston isn’t hungry any longer and he knows that’s the kiss of death for a fighter.

Parker says he’s sitting alone, and they know he couldn’t help his friend Moxley.

Jamie Hayter with Britt Baker and Rebel (AEW TBS Title Tournament Match).

Hayter using his power to throw Rosa to the mat.

They end up in the ropes and Hayter slaps Rosa in the face.

Rosa gets sent out to the floor, Hayter follows then gets reversed into the barricade.

Hayter recovers and beats up Rosa at ringside.

Hayter stomps away at Rosa as she enters the ring.

Back in the ring, Rosa beats Hayter up against the ropes.

Hayter with a big back elbow, kick to the back, and more stomps.

Rosa able to knock Hayter out to the floor, big suplex on the floor.

Crowd leaning Thunder Rosa, but Hayter getting plenty of chants, too.

Baker pulls Rosa off.

Hayter holds Rosa, Baker with a thrust kick and mistakenly hits Hayter.

Rosa throws Baker into Rebel?

Baker tries to apologize about the kick, Hayter shoves her away and walks to the back.

Baker says things started off bad tonight with Rosa getting the win.

Baker says she was very thankful for being the champion.

Tony says he’s thankful for his friendship with Baker and Rebel.

“I got one word to describe that…and it’s fickle.” DB says not only did he kick his head in, but he kicked his tooth out, showing a tooth in his hand.

He says they are headed to Atlanta, and he’s heard there’s more Dark Order members from there so he’ll continue doing what he’s doing.

Page says that’ll be the last of DB kicking in any heads.

DB says of course Page would say that after he already wrestled a match.

That’s coward s***.” Page says if he doesn’t want the title match, he’s not leaving without a fight.

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