After pushing AV1 codec, Google goes after Dolby with HDR and audio standards - Ars Technica

After pushing AV1 codec, Google goes after Dolby with HDR and audio standards - Ars Technica

Sep 22, 2022 58 secs

YouTube is the world's most popular video site.

Protocol's Janko Roettgers has a report on "Project Caviar," Google's plan to take on Dolby and create royalty-free alternatives to its HDR standard (Dolby Vision) and its 3D audio standard (Dolby Atmos).

Surround sound has been a movie feature forever with various numbers of front, back, and side speakers, but Dolby Atmos adds height into the equation.

Google is tackling Dolby via the "Alliance for Open Media" standards group, which counts Amazon, Apple, Arm, Google, Intel, Meta, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, Nvidia, and Samsung in its "founding members" group.

This is the same group behind the AV1 standard, which grew out of Google's purchase of On2 and the open sourcing of its video codec.

Neither Dolby Vision nor Atmos competitors require new codec development.

Google's strategy is mostly about standardizing a way to ship audio and video data that doesn't involve paying Dolby and branding it well enough to compete.

That's a big deal, since the name "Dolby" still holds a lot of sway with home theater enthusiasts, and that means streaming apps can market the Dolby brand as a premium add-on, creating demand for the standards.

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