After Supreme Court overturned New York's concealed carry law, Americans react

After Supreme Court overturned New York's concealed carry law, Americans react

After Supreme Court overturned New York's concealed carry law, Americans react
Jun 26, 2022 49 secs

NEW YORK CITY – Americans visiting a public park shared their reactions to the Supreme Court overturning a New York law that restricted people's ability to carry concealed firearms in public.

"I think that today's ruling by the Supreme Court is dangerous," Brian, a New Yorker, told Fox News, at New York's High Line park.

"I don’t want a gun, and I don’t want anybody I know to have a gun.".

(Megan Myers/Fox News Digital).

The Supreme Court overturned a New York state law Thursday that required anyone who wanted to carry concealed guns in public to show they had "proper cause" indicating they had a specific need.

Mila, New York, said the Supreme Court's ruling was "shameful.".

"We don’t want their decisions," she told Fox News.

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v

We should be looking at stricter laws," one woman told Fox News

(Megan Myers/Fox News Digital)

Megan Myers is an associate producer/writer for Fox News Digital Originals

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