Aging process hasn’t slowed down for humans — we’re just not dying younger - Study Finds
Jun 16, 2021 58 secs

Colchero and his team applied statistics and mathematics to information on populations and life expectancy throughout history.

Their findings reveal, although people live longer today than they did in the distant past, the rate of aging among humans really isn’t changing all that much.

Simply put, researchers believe today’s life expectancy has less to do with people growing older and more to do with fewer people dying earlier in life.

But this is not because we have slowed our rate of aging; the reason is that more and more infants, children and young people survive and this brings up the average life expectancy,” Colchero explains.

This comparison looked at two key factors, life expectancy, the average age at which someone dies, and lifespan equality, which measures how many deaths actually occur during old age.

Those results reveal that as life expectancy increases, so does lifespan equality.

However, the study finds if you go back to the 1800s, fewer people in those same countries reached old age — lowering the average life expectancy.

Researchers note their previous studies have also discovered how closely life expectancy and lifespan equality are tied to each other among humans.

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