All Hero Changes in Overwatch 2 - Overwatch 2 Wiki Guide - IGN

All Hero Changes in Overwatch 2 - Overwatch 2 Wiki Guide - IGN

Oct 05, 2022 2 mins, 59 secs

In order to remove some of the problems that plagued the original Overwatch, from excessive crowd control abilities to a heavy reliance on “shield” Tank heroes, many Overwatch 2 heroes have undergone huge balance changes to their original kits.

Here's every Overwatch 2 hero change you should know about.

In this page of IGN’s Overwatch 2 wiki, we will break down all of the biggest changes made to heroes, and how you can expect these balance changes to effect your gameplay experience.

Ashe’s kit has been largely untouched, apart from reducing the health of her Ultimate B.O.B., a change that the original Overwatch community has been long awaiting.

Baptiste has long been considered one of the most powerful Support heroes in Overwatch, and the changes to the hero in Overwatch 2 only serve to strengthen his healing abilities.

In line with so many other changes to Damage and Support heroes to reduce crowd control in Overwatch 2, the most notable change to Brigitte is the lack of stun from her Shield Bash.

While at first this change might seem to come out of left-field, the changes made to the hero feel incredibly intuitive.

D.va feels largely unchanged from the original Overwatch to Overwatch 2, but the small tweaks that have been made help the Tank hero gain a little more survivability when pushing into the enemy team’s frontline, including doing more damage when “booping” enemy players while using Boosters.

Echo is yet another hero to receive balance changes that feel like they have in essence “nerfed” or weakened her overall hero kit.

Genji has received no huge balance changes going into Overwatch 2, aside from the new Damage Passive, particularly useful for an already highly mobile Damage hero.

Since the intimidating new Tank hero was introduced in the Overwatch 2 Beta, Junker Queen has undergone a few balance changes before becoming wildly available.

Junkrat is largely unaffected by balance changes in Overwatch 2, but players may appreciate the buff given to his Steel Trap ability.

Taking the new Support Passive into consideration, the biggest change to Lucio in Overwatch 2 will feel practically unnoticeable to most players.

Instead, the primary fire from her Endothermic Blaster gradually slows enemies, all while dealing more damage than it did in the original Overwatch.

In the Overwatch 2 beta, the biggest change made to Moira’s kit was the removal Damage Biotic Orb ability, in favor of the Necrotic Orb or “Enfeebling” Orb.

They have since reverted these changes, and Moira still has her Damage Orb as in the original Overwatch.

In the interest of doing away with the “shield” meta that had become so prevalent in the original Overwatch, Orisa’s Protective Barrier has been swapped out for a Javelin that can block incoming projectiles and melee attacks, or be thrown at enemies to deal damage, knockback, and even stun.

On top of that, Orisa’s Terra Surge Ultimate puts more emphasis on the amount of damage the Tank hero can output, as opposed to her utility in solely protecting on amplifying her teammates.

These balance changes give Reinhardt way more control, making up for the “nerfs” made to his Barrier Field in Overwatch 2.

Roadhog has objectively always been a solid Tank hero in the original Overwatch

Sigma has only received positive balance changes in Overwatch 2, with buffs to both his shield health and the damage output of his Accretion ability

Torbjorn has not received many balance changes in Overwatch 2, apart from a few small tweaks to his Rivet Gun weapon

The changes to Zarya’s health and shields makes her a much sturdier Tank hero

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