Almost-certain Nest Wifi appears at FCC with Wi-Fi 6E on board - Ars Technica

Almost-certain Nest Wifi appears at FCC with Wi-Fi 6E on board - Ars Technica

Almost-certain Nest Wifi appears at FCC with Wi-Fi 6E on board - Ars Technica
Aug 16, 2022 50 secs

Google has a new device awaiting approval at the FCC, and all signs point to it being an updated Nest Wifi router that not only addresses the notable lack of Wi-Fi 6 on its last model but leapfrogs ahead to Wi-Fi 6E.

The model number—A4R-G6ZUC—is akin to other Nest products, and 9to5Google says it has confirmed that this is the number for the next Nest Wifi router.

In late 2019, when Google skipped Wi-Fi 6 for Nest Wifi, citing (questionable) cost concerns, we noted that a Wi-Fi 6 router wouldn't do much for a home mostly filled with Wi-Fi 5 and 4 (i.e., 802.11ac and 802.11n) devices.

It's unclear whether Google will offer Nest hubs with built-in speakers, as with the previous Nest Wifi.

One more notable improvement Google could latch onto new Nest hubs would be Ethernet ports, something painfully lacking from the current generation.

By the time Nest Wifi arrives (likely at an October Google hardware event), there will probably be strong Wi-Fi 6E mesh competition.

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