Amazon Halo band made me obsessed with exercise and body image - Insider
Jun 20, 2021 1 min, 15 secs

Using my phone's camera, Amazon's Halo app was taking a scan to estimate my body fat percentage.

According to Amazon's calculations, my body fat percentage is significantly above what's considered to be a healthy range for a woman of my age and size — about 10 percentage points, to be exact. .

Gadgets like the Apple Watch, Fitbit's smartwatches, and even the Amazon Halo have been great motivational tools for exercising regularly.

If I feel like I had a "bad weekend'' when it comes to eating, I'll turn to my Apple Watch for justification.

What sets the Amazon Halo apart is its ability to use your phone's camera along with machine learning and computer vision to calculate body fat percentage. .

But the Amazon Halo's feedback felt like a wearable was judging me for the first time, rather than encouraging me to develop healthier habits. .

The whole process of taking a body scan feels a bit dystopian.

According to Amazon's algorithms, my body fat percentage is sky high.

Amazon says its technology is nearly twice as accurate as leading smart scales, and the American Heart Association endorsed the Halo in Amazon's press release. .

Readings from devices like the Amazon Halo should be used to keep an eye on your personal progress, but not to make any medical decisions, says Lofton

Mini-accomplishments like closing my Activity Rings make me feel like I'm in control of my weight and appearance, even if I don't see the results

But the Apple Watch can't see what I look like

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