Americans grade Biden following boost in national approval rating

Americans grade Biden following boost in national approval rating

Americans grade Biden following boost in national approval rating
Aug 15, 2022 42 secs

Americans in several cities told Fox News their thoughts on how President Biden is doing and graded his performance.

"F, F, F," one retired Milwaukee teacher told Fox News.

But another Milwaukee man gave Biden a B and said he's doing "pretty good," "considering the circumstances.".

A woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shared her thoughts on how President Biden is doing.

And a San Francisco woman said Biden's "not doing that well." She cited student loans and housing access as areas he could improve in. .

A woman in Washington, D.C., discusses President Biden's performance

A man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, graded President Biden

"There was not much good [Biden's] done," one man, Jay, told Fox News in Washington, D.C

Lisa Bennatan reported from Milwaukee, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.; Megan Myers from Washington, D.C.; and Teny Sahakian from Milwaukee;

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