Amtrak Derailment: At Least 50 Hurt in Montana, Official Says - The New York Times
Sep 26, 2021 1 min, 4 secs
The derailment, involving seven cars of the Empire Builder train, happened near Joplin, Mont., on Saturday afternoon.

At least three people were killed and 50 others were injured after an Amtrak train derailed in Montana on Saturday afternoon, setting off a frantic response by rescuers who scrambled to extricate passengers from cars, the authorities said.

Amtrak said that seven cars on an Empire Builder train had derailed at about 4 p.m.

“Amtrak is working with the local authorities to transport injured passengers, and safely evacuate all other passengers,” the rail service said in a statement.

Amanda Frickel, the disaster and emergency services coordinator for Hill County, Mont., said in an interview that “well over” 50 people had been injured.

Vandervest said she felt lucky that she and the three other people she was with were not injured.

Karen Jelly, who works at Holland and Bonine Funeral Home, in Havre, Mont., said the funeral home was waiting for a dreaded phone call from the authorities.

In 2018, three people died after an Amtrak train traveled on the wrong track in South Carolina and slammed into a parked freight train

In 2015, an Amtrak train that had been traveling at more than 100 miles per hour, twice the speed limit, careened off a curve in Philadelphia, killing eight people and injuring more than 200

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