Analogue's Pocket Promises to Be a Comprehensive Database of Retro Handheld Games - Gizmodo
Oct 16, 2021 1 min, 13 secs
There are still no specific details on when Analogue’s highly-anticipated but now thrice-delayed Pocket will officially start shipping to those who pre-ordered one, but the company has revealed some more details about the console’s new operating system, which sounds like it will be as much about exploring and learning about retro games as it is about playing and enjoying them.

Looking very similar to the streamlined and minimalist operating systems on the company’s older consoles, like the Super Nt, Analogue OS will feature extensive customization options for games, including original display modes that make games look exactly like they did on the screens of the original hardware, re-mapping controls (as well as the controls on wirelessly connected 8BitDo Bluetooth controllers), gameplay tracking, and the ability to create, store, and organize your own screenshots.

With Analogue OS, the company is also turning the Pocket into a sort of Wikipedia for retro games, with the ultimate goal of the operating system eventually becoming the “end-all scholarly database for all of video game history.” To achieve that lofty goal, Analogue has developed a new database from the ground up, including new standardizations for information like game titles, franchises, publishers, developers, and revisions, “carefully curated by experts and researchers in conjunction with collectors with access to complete game sets.”.

Analogue OS will include details on every last one, and the Pocket will report exactly which version of the game has been plugged into its cartridge slot.

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