Andrew Cuomo's pathetic SALT obsession - New York Post
May 09, 2021 49 secs

Ever since President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax reform capped the deduction for state and local taxes to $10,000, Cuomo has been on a tear looking to restore it.

His problem is that it means high earners feel the full brunt of New York’s egregious taxes, making them more likely to flee to tax-friendlier climes like Florida.

Which is clearly why, as CNBC recently reported, Cuomo keeps railing about it as he talks with business leaders and wealthy New Yorkers urging them to stay in the state

Even when he admits New York has a high-tax problem, Cuomo dodges responsibility, saying the “problem is property taxes.” But state mandates on local governments are what cause those sky-high property taxes, and he’s never been willing to take those on

And, in reality, the state income tax is also a big part of the problem, yet he just signed a budget that hiked income taxes on high earners to levels that rival California — where property taxes are severely limited

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