Andrew Wiggins Is Exactly Who the Warriors Needed Him to Be - Sports Illustrated
May 23, 2022 1 min, 40 secs
While the slam was clearly impressive—a consensus of Warriors agreeing after the game it was their favorite of Wiggins’s—it wasn’t merely a highlight.

“I can tell you everybody in the organization is happy he’s here,” Klay Thompson said of Wiggins after Game 3.

1 overall pick is putting together the best playoff series of his career in the biggest playoff series of his career.

He led the team in plus-minus, and also took on the task of guarding the emerging world-destroyer Dončić for large stretches of the game.

He was drafted by Cleveland and sent away before even playing a game for a team that didn’t think he could be part of a win-now group.

Finally, he joined a Warriors team that needed two years to fully regroup after a 2019 Finals loss that resulted in the departure of Kevin Durant and the first of two season-ending injuries to Thompson?

For a team that’s now once again in a position to contend for championships, Wiggins is proving he can, as Curry said is asked of him, “impact winning.” In the playoffs, there’s no greater qualifier a player can aspire to.

While no one is confusing Wiggins with Kevin Durant, his play does bring a certain dynamism to the Warriors.

It’s what the Warriors have needed as they enter a new era of contention.

“It’s just a testament to the vision of the fit that he was going to be when the trade happened,” Curry said of Wiggins after the game.

“We know we needed everybody to step up for us to get back to this stage, and for us to win one playoff series let alone to where we are now.”.

But both parties are where they expected to be when Wiggins joined the team in February 2020?

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