Animal Crossing fans upset that Nintendo is taking down hacked dream islands - Polygon
Jul 31, 2020 1 min, 2 secs

When players use the newly released Dream Suite, the latest version of their island gets uploaded to the internet — and that includes any star trees or other hacks.

One mid-sized YouTuber, for example, made an entire video about reporting hacked islands, though it seems likely others are taking up the mantle, too.

As a result, New Horizons players are sharing emails they’ve received from Nintendo informing them that the company is taking down their content because it violates its user agreement, or alleging that their islands got reported over star trees.

Some are even taking down their previously uploaded islands featuring star fragment trees, even if they haven’t been reported, just as a precautionary measure.

Players speaking out about this online seem to agree with her assessment — while it’s true that things like star fragment trees are definitely hacks, fans don’t see the harm in something that only exists for decorative purposes and cannot infringe on anyone else’s game, especially within an Animal Crossing dream, where nothing is permanent

As a result, most of the responses to Nintendo’s recent tweet about Animal Crossing Dream Islands are folks arguing about islands that have been reported over star fragment trees or other similar hacks

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