Anne Heche Video Shows Speeding on Another Street, Podcast Suggests Drinking - TMZ

Anne Heche Video Shows Speeding on Another Street, Podcast Suggests Drinking - TMZ

Anne Heche Video Shows Speeding on Another Street, Podcast Suggests Drinking - TMZ
Aug 06, 2022 48 secs

The newest 'BT' episode -- which AH cohosts with Heather Duffy -- was published Friday, the same day as Anne's crash.

Take a listen to the intro of episode 62 (the newest one), and you'll quickly hear ...

Anne and Heather were apparently knee-deep in some vodka and wine.

but it was posted Friday, the day Anne crashed.

It looks like Anne and Heather usually film their podcasts as well, but there's no visual treatment for this latest episode -- only audio.

We're told that on the second go-around on Cabrillo -- which isn't very far from where Anne ended up crashing in Mar Vista -- AH actually had people screaming at her to slow down.

Still, this new video simply confirms what we'd already reported -- that Anne was seen driving erratically in other surrounding neighborhoods that same day ...

As we reported, Heche crashed into a garage of an apartment complex just after noon in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles.

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