Apple iOS14: 5 features I really like – and one I'm not so crazy about - USA TODAY
Sep 15, 2020 1 min, 33 secs

Tuesday, Apple holds its annual product reveal in a virtual demo from its corporate campus in Cupertino, where it's expected to tout new versions of the iPad and Apple Watch, and to remind users about some of the new features coming to iOS14?

This year, Apple is putting privacy front and center with the new iOS, which traditionally Apple has released in the third week of September, (last year it was on Sept. 19).

The iPhone release will be delayed until October, and Apple is expected to stage another event for the iPhone next month.

What to expect from Apple event: Will we see more than iPad and Watch updates.

The privacy feature that Facebook has spoken out against informs users of when apps like the social network use data to "track you," or are "linked to you," by grabbing a hold of your financial and contact information, browsing history and location.

Users will be asked for their permission to allow Facebook to do this, and it's because people would be expected to say no to this that Facebook was warned that it will take a financial hit when the feature is enabled.

Apple is delaying this feature until early 2021, to give developers like Facebook, Snapchat and others time to work out the kinks.

Now, Apple adds its Translate feature into the operating system, via the new, pre-loaded Translate app or the Siri personal assistant.

Because this year, Apple introduces an automatic bundling of similar apps, with categories for entertainment, social, utilities, "reading," health and other, and they'll make them for you, whether you like it or not.

The compact look to calls in iOS14 (Photo: Apple).

The personal assistant, which debuted in 2011, is smarter this year, per Apple, which specifically says that Siri has "over 20x more facts than just three years ago." In my tests, it was, indeed, chattier and smarter

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