Artemis 1's Orion spacecraft sees Earth setting behind moon (video) - Space.com

Artemis 1's Orion spacecraft sees Earth setting behind moon (video) - Space.com

Artemis 1's Orion spacecraft sees Earth setting behind moon (video) - Space.com
Nov 22, 2022 1 min, 12 secs

A mesmerizing new video shows Earth setting behind our moon as a spacecraft flies in the vicinity.

All milestones after launch atop the huge Space Launch System rocket have been checked off so far, including a crucial engine burn of the uncrewed Orion spacecraft at the moon on Monday (Nov. 21).

You are seeing yourself in that image right there as Orion is 232,000 miles [373,000 kilometers] away from planet Earth," NASA spokesperson Sandra Jones said during live coverage of the Orion lunar flyby Monday (Nov. 21) on NASA Television.

In photos: Amazing views of NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket debut .

Orion's high-definition view of Earth on Monday was far from the first time we've glimpsed our planet from so far afield. .

In photos: The top 10 views of Earth from space.

After Orion's Monday flyby, NASA flight director Zeb Scoville said the view of Earth setting behind the moon "is a game-changer" as NASA prepares to send humans back to lunar realms with the Artemis 2 mission, currently slated to fly no earlier than 2024.

"We were building a space station and flying it!

Elizabeth's reporting includes an exclusive with Office of the Vice-President of the United States, speaking several times with the International Space Station, witnessing five human spaceflight launches on two continents, working inside a spacesuit, and participating in a simulated Mars mission.

NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission: Live updates.

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