Asian Americans Are Sharing Their Experiences Of Racism While Traveling Abroad, And It How It Compares To Racism In The US

Asian Americans Are Sharing Their Experiences Of Racism While Traveling Abroad, And It How It Compares To Racism In The US

Asian Americans Are Sharing Their Experiences Of Racism While Traveling Abroad, And It How It Compares To Racism In The US
Oct 01, 2022 1 min, 18 secs

"This was the most blatant form of racism I experienced in a long time, and I still think about it to this day.".

"The US is not perfect, and there are definitely overt acts of racism that we see every day in the news — especially with the pandemic — but there is an insidious undercurrent of racism in the UK and Europe where you feel second class."!

She'd always answer, 'California,' and some people would ask her as far back as her great-grandparents before giving up.".

"Overall, the racism I've encountered in Europe has been largely similar to the racism encountered here in America.".

On the other hand, nowadays in North America, everyday racism and violent racism are way more prevalent. .

I'm American and I have had my fair share of racism here in America, too

But for some reason, when traveling, I seem to see and experience racism from British people the most."

In the US, I've experienced more overt racism

I went to college in a central PA town where, in the very beginning of the pandemic, I was shouted at by a truck driving to 'go back to your country and die!' I've had people call me slurs when I used to deliver pizza, saying, 'Oh, some ch*nk delivered this, we need to wash our hands.' Similarly, older men who served in the Korean War tell me I remind them of a lover

The racism I've described doesn't even cover all the micro-aggressions I never really processed as racism, simply because I was too tired

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