Ask Amy: ‘Wonderful’ boyfriend refuses to get vaccinated even while knowing girlfriend has serious health iss - OregonLive

Ask Amy: ‘Wonderful’ boyfriend refuses to get vaccinated even while knowing girlfriend has serious health iss - OregonLive

Ask Amy: ‘Wonderful’ boyfriend refuses to get vaccinated even while knowing girlfriend has serious health iss - OregonLive
Aug 09, 2022 1 min, 15 secs

Yesterday, I hesitantly asked the question: “Are you vaccinated against COVID?” I was almost scared to hear his answer because I knew what it would be, and sure enough – he has not been vaccinated.

When I asked if he would get vaccinated for me, he said “No,” and gave me a long list of political reasons why?

How do I explain how important this is to my health.

With my health issues, I already worry about leaving my children behind too soon, should the worst happen?

Dear Vulnerable: You see this issue as somehow being about politics, but you’re the person with lupus and five children.

This is about science, safety, and health.

Of course he won’t get vaccinated for you?

My question is: Why don’t you care more about your health.

Dear Amy: I have been friends with “Charlotte” for 35 years.

At first it was wonderful, however, slowly but surely she began to criticize and correct me, especially in front of my children and friends?

Dear Fed Up: This behavior could be a sign of senility, certainly if you have asked “Charlotte” not to belittle and correct you and she continues to do so.

However, aside from telling her how this makes you feel, you don’t report actually asking her to stop doing it.

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