Aspirin does not improve survival in COVID-19 patients - UK study - Yahoo News
Jun 08, 2021 1 min, 45 secs
(Reuters) - Aspirin does not improve the chances of survival in severely ill COVID-19 patients, early results from one of Britain's biggest trials studying the commonly used painkiller and blood thinner showed on Tuesday.

The scientists behind the trial, which is looking into a range of potential treatments for COVID-19, evaluated aspirin's effects on nearly 15,000 hospitalised patients infected with the novel coronavirus.

"Although aspirin was associated with a small increase in the likelihood of being discharged alive, this does not seem to be sufficient to justify its widespread use for patients hospitalised with COVID-19," said Peter Horby, co-chief investigator of the trial.

For every 1,000 patients treated with the medicine, about six more patients experienced a major bleeding event and about six fewer experienced a clotting event, Oxford said.

A man who posted racially insensitive comments online under the pseudonym "Sharon Liew" on Twitter was jailed for three weeks on Tuesday (8 June).

OraSure Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: OSUR) has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, InteliSwab.

FDA has also authorized the InteliSwab COVID-19 Rapid Test Pro for professional use in point of care (POC) and InteliSwab COVID-19 Rapid Test Rx for Prescription Home Use.

But with the inoculation drive ramping up, South Korea said last week that it expects to meet its vaccination target for the first half of the year by inoculating up to 14 million people ahead of schedule.

The nation is currently in its fourth wave, which has seen rising numbers of severe cases.On Friday, former Olympic medallist Kaori Yamaguchi said Japan has been 'cornered' into pressing ahead with the Games, despite public opposition.Yomiuri's new poll showed public support for Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's administration has dropped to its lowest - at 37%.Most respondents said virus measures for Olympics athletes and participants are not enough.

The poll also found over a fourth surveyed believe the Games will go ahead without spectators.

An 86-year-old Singaporean woman died on Monday (7 June) from COVID-19 infection, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday.

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