Astronomers Found a Crater From The Mystery Rocket That Smashed Into The Moon - ScienceAlert

Astronomers Found a Crater From The Mystery Rocket That Smashed Into The Moon - ScienceAlert

Astronomers Found a Crater From The Mystery Rocket That Smashed Into The Moon - ScienceAlert
Jun 27, 2022 51 secs

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) – NASA's eye-in-the-sky in orbit around the Moon – has found the crash site of the mystery rocket booster that slammed into the far side of the Moon back on 4 March 2022.

The LRO images, taken May 25th, revealed not just a single crater, but a double crater formed by the rocket's impact, posing a new mystery for astronomers to unravel.

Since the origin of the rocket body remains uncertain, the double nature of the crater may help to indicate its identity," he said.

Giorgini pointed out that DSCOVR's trajectory shouldn't have taken the booster anywhere near the Moon.

As it stands now, Gray remains convinced it was the Change 5-T1 booster that hit the Moon, proposing that the Foreign Minister made an honest mistake, confusing Chang'e 5-T1 with the similarly named Chang'e 5 (whose booster did indeed sink into the ocean).

As for the new double crater on the Moon, the fact that the LRO team was able to find the impact site so quickly is an impressive feat in itself.

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