Aug 03, 2021 1 min, 18 secs

The gold and silver went to a couple of happy-go-lucky 21st-century kids, Athing Mu, of the USA, won the race in 1min 55.21sec, and Great Britain’s Keely Hodgkinson was a few strides behind, second in 1min 55.88sec.

Mu took four-10ths off the mark set by Ajee Wilson in 2017, Hodgkinson broke one posted by Kelly Holmes six years before she was born.

Hodgkinson said she wanted to celebrate with one “guilt-free night in a club”, a night “in one of the posh seats at Old Trafford”, and said she hopes she will get to meet her hero Tom Daley in the athletes’ village before the end of the week.

“She’s sent lots of messages, words of wisdom, words of belief, it’s great to have someone like her who believes in me like that.” Her season has unfolded faster than her finishing kick.

Mu saw Hodgkinson set a junior indoor world record in February, then broke it herself a few weeks later.

“It’s crazy that it’s not just one 19-year-old in the race, it’s two, hopefully it makes for a good competitive 10, 15 years ahead, with even faster times on the horizon,” Hodgkinson said.

Tonight we both just wanted to go out there and put on our best, and we did, and we got a one-two, which is great for girls our age.

“After Keely broke the U20 indoor record I was like ‘mmmm, I need that’, so I think we’re just going to push each other.

“Life is good,” Hodgkinson said with a laugh

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