Ben Askren's coach predicts 'awkward' power problematic for Jake Paul - MMA Junkie
Apr 15, 2021 1 min, 43 secs
Askren has said his payday will be more lucrative than all the money he made across three UFC fights combined, but Rhodes is adamant that’s not his only incentive.

“I think people think Ben is here to just collect a check,” Rhodes told MMA Junkie on Thursday.

If people think he’s doing this as just a joke or playing around, you’ll see the fight.”.

His wrestling background allowed him to rise to prominence in MMA, but Rhodes said he’s noticed a change now that Askren has committed his full time and effort into working his hands over the past several months.

“If you look at Ben’s career and you look at Jake’s career, just the pure amount of time and experience spent in the arena, whether it’s the boxing ring or the cage, he’s going to be more comfortable in there,” Rhodes said.

Those guys have better cardio, better conditioning and I think one of the things Ben would say right now, is being able to have a singular focus on boxing, the cardio shape that he’s in right now, he’s able to do that all day.

Rhodes said he’s not touting Askren to be more than he is going into this fight.

“I’m not going to blow smoke: I’m not going to say he’s just crushing the pads, but he has that awkward strength,” Rhodes said.

In positions where you don’t think he’s going to be able to hit hard, he’ll be able to generate power.

I think with his cardio and the punching numbers he’ll be able to put out, I think his power will be able to wear Jake down as opposed to one-shot, end-the-fight kind of power.”.

“I think they messed up – I think they thought Jake was going to dominate everything,” Rhodes said.

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