Bernie Stolar, Former President of Sega of America and SCEA Co-Founder, Dies at 75 - IGN

Bernie Stolar, Former President of Sega of America and SCEA Co-Founder, Dies at 75 - IGN

Jun 27, 2022 1 min, 4 secs

Bernie Stolar, the former president of Sega of America and one of the founding members of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has died at the age of 75.

"I will miss you Bernie – I always appreciated you for pulling me into AdscapeMedia,” Gordon said.

Image Credit: Bernie Stolar and VentureBeat.

The move occurred in 1994 after he felt that he was the "last man standing" and he got an offer to become the new president of Sega of America.

"When I got to Sega I immediately said, ‘We have to kill Saturn.

Many years before Google Stadia, Stolar tried to get Google into the gaming business.

"There was no interest in games at Google at the time,” Stolar said.

“I went to the CEO, who was Eric Schmidt, and said, ‘Why don’t we put advertising in all these games and give them away for free online?’ He said, ‘We’re not in the game business.' I said, ‘We’re not going into the game business.

At the end of VentureBeat's interview in 2015, Stolar joked that "he could be the grandfather for the CEOs he was advising." When asked how long he would continue to work, he said he had no plans on ever pressing on the brakes.

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