Big Brother 24 Episode 12 Recap: Psychedelic Slop And Stupid Game Moves - Big Brother Network

Big Brother 24 Episode 12 Recap: Psychedelic Slop And Stupid Game Moves - Big Brother Network

Big Brother 24 Episode 12 Recap: Psychedelic Slop And Stupid Game Moves - Big Brother Network
Aug 04, 2022 1 min, 15 secs

Elsewhere, Taylor, Michael and Kyle talk about how great it would be if Daniel won the veto and did use it and he was the cause of his best friend going home.

Joining Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Indy and Alyssa are actually Daniel and Kyle.

So if noms stay the same, they can send Alyssa home and get Indy to join them as a shield.

That means Kyle and Daniel win the Power of Veto.

And Daniel realizes that Kyle is going to want to use the veto on Alyssa.

So Monte goes to Daniel and Nicole to make sure Daniel hasn’t decided to use the Power of Veto.

If he puts Taylor and Nicole on the block, he isn’t sure where the votes would fall and Nicole could go home.

Daniel and Nicole think Monte realizes he doesn’t have the votes to get Nicole out this week, so he doesn’t want the veto used so he can save Taylor.

That makes them think now is their chance to get Taylor out so Nicole is fine going on the block again if Daniel uses the veto.

So he tells Kyle he’s going to use the veto even if Kyle doesn’t.

Kyle lets us know that Daniel is not only going to help him save Alyssa, but he’s going to make sure Daniel’s own best friend in the game is getting backdoor this week.

Indy and Alyssa come down, and Nicole and Taylor go up. 

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