Blazing fireball illuminates skies over Scotland and Northern Ireland - Livescience.com

Blazing fireball illuminates skies over Scotland and Northern Ireland - Livescience.com

Blazing fireball illuminates skies over Scotland and Northern Ireland - Livescience.com
Sep 20, 2022 1 min, 13 secs

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Meteor Network determined that the fireball was caused by a small space rock entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Meteor Network is a group of citizen scientists who analyze footage of possible meteors using 172 cameras placed around Britain.

The meteor zipped into the atmosphere at 31,764 mph (51,1119 km/h), according to the Network.

Based on the meteor's angle of entry into Earth’s atmosphere, scientists at the Network suspect that the space rock plummeted at an angle that carried it over Wales, the Irish Sea and Belfast, Ireland.

Steve Owens, an astronomer and Science Operations Manager at the Glasgow Science Centre in Scotland, told BBC News that Wednesday’s fireball was likely caused by a space rock the size of a golf ball.

meteor or space debris.

Meteors like the one that sparked Wednesday’s fireball aren’t uncommon on Earth, but because so much of the planet is covered by ocean, most of these fiery rocks blaze and flame out over the open sea, where humans don’t see them.

government sensors have spotted nearly 600 fireballs caused by asteroids measuring up to several meters long, according to NASA..

Both NASA and the European Space Agency monitor the skies every night for asteroids that could potentially collide with Earth.

Originally published on Live Science.

JoAnna is also a science cartoonist and has published comics with Gizmodo, NASA, Science News for Students and more.

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