Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge Walks Out on Brooke Believing She Lied About CPS - Soaps.com

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge Walks Out on Brooke Believing She Lied About CPS - Soaps.com

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge Walks Out on Brooke Believing She Lied About CPS - Soaps.com
Oct 03, 2022 1 min, 57 secs

Monday, October 3, 2022: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope questions her mother, Steffy urges Taylor to fight, and Ridge is floored by a betrayal.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge tells Thomas, “Brooke wouldn’t do this!” Thomas reminds him they both heard the recording — there was no doubt it was her!

Thomas argues that it is true — she’s trying to take his son away from him for chopping up an apple with a knife.

Hope insists Thomas is careful.

Brooke feels her daughter’s being manipulated by Thomas again now that she’s spending so much time around him.

Hope fumes that she’s not naïve — if she’s defending Thomas, it’s because he deserves it.

As for her spending time there, if her son is with Thomas, then that’s where she’ll be?

Hope gets a call from a man named Edgar she’s collaborating with and tells him she’ll have the lead designer, Thomas, reach out.

“I wish that you would give me a little more credit than that.” She knows the good and bad sides of Thomas and for a long time now she’s only seen the good side.

At the cliff house, Steffy wants Taylor to get back with Ridge and complains that Brooke doesn’t deserve the consideration she’s giving her.

Taylor argues you don’t treat people as bad as they are, you treat them as good as you are… when she gets back from Aspen she wants to move on completely from Ridge.

After Steffy’s made all the arrangements for the kids, Taylor reflects that she thought she would be moving toward Ridge, but he’s married to Brooke!

“It’s long past time for me to move on.” Steffy suggests she could stay in town and fight for her dad, but Taylor didn’t come back to LA to steal Brooke’s husband.

She urges her mother not to close her heart, but Taylor argues she has to close it a little bit.

Taylor needs to get away from him for a bit and figure out where she’s going.

Taylor and Steffy in Aspen.

After, Taylor flashes to the kiss with Ridge as Steffy emerges from a door.

Taylor doesn’t want to — that draft is cold, and he always goes back to Brooke.

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