Bowen Yang steals SNL playing the iceberg that sank the Titanic - The Washington Post
Apr 11, 2021 1 min, 19 secs
Another weekend, another “Saturday Night Live” episode stolen by Bowen Yang.

When Yang appeared on “Weekend Update” two weeks ago to urge viewers to “do more” in wake of the uptick in anti-Asian hate crimes, he said he would rather have been doing his character, gay Passover bunny.

“This is always a really weird time of year for me,” Yang said to Colin Jost while donning a full iceberg costume, his face full of caked-on white makeup.

Let’s do this,” Yang said.

It was closer to 1,500 people, Jost corrected him, to which Yang replied, “Why are you attacking me.

You said you would be my Oprah, Colin.” He said he came on the show to promote his “hyper-pop EDM new disco fantasia” album called “Music,” featuring the single “Loverboy.” The autopsy said the Titanic passengers drowned, Yang continued, but “nobody is canceling the ocean.”.

Yang’s character was among the strongest moments of an SNL episode hosted by Carey Mulligan, the English actress who received an Oscar nomination for “Promising Young Woman.” She began her monologue with an anecdote about how Americans often mistake her for Michelle Williams, and riffed with her husband, Marcus Mumford of the band Mumford and Sons, who jokingly crashed his wife’s episode to ask if the producers had booked a musical guest yet.

“Look, y’all seem like good people,” Kenan Thompson’s character said in frustration to McKinnon, who stuck to what was portrayed as a rosy view of potential outcomes, and Moffat, whose character continually expressed opinions like, “I just think protests should be nonviolent.”

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