Brazilians find stock exchange bull unbearable, remove it - Associated Press
Nov 24, 2021 1 min, 5 secs
SAO PAULO (AP) — Many Brazilians felt bearish about the new Wall Street-inspired bull sculpture outside the stock exchange, and didn’t have to wait long for it to crash: The statue has been removed a week after it was installed.

Sao Paulo’s stock exchange had hoped to bestow the rundown city center with a flashy landmark.

Critics said the metal and fiberglass sculpture at the gates of the stock exchange in no way reflects Brazil’s current economic crossroads nor near-term prospects, with poverty and unemployment high and inflation running in the double digits.

It was sponsored by the stock exchange and investor Paulo Spyer.

Spyer, who owns a consultancy firm named Vai Tourinho (“Go Little Bull” in Portuguese), said he was honored to give “a gift to all Brazilians.” Some locals were keen to snap pictures with the sculpture, which resembles the Charging Bull in Manhattan’s financial district.

Under orders from Sao Paulo’s stock exchange, a crane took away the bull Tuesday night, its head and horns wrapped in plastic.

Maria Gomes, who has worked in the region 30 years, said Wednesday she was pleased by the removal of the sculpture, which she initially thought was an ad for a barbecue restaurant and had deemed “hideous.” Still, she felt the bull may have been unfairly blamed.

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