Brazilians shocked as Bolsonaro's strong election showing defies expectations - The Guardian

Brazilians shocked as Bolsonaro's strong election showing defies expectations - The Guardian

Oct 03, 2022 1 min, 7 secs

“It is terrifying, it’s just bizarre for us, it’s frightening,” said Raquel Barbosa, a 28-year-old community manager whose mother-in-law was one of nearly 700,000 Brazilians killed by a Covid outbreak Bolsonaro called “a little flu”.

Adding to the progressive pain, a wave of Bolsonarista hardliners were elected to congress, with Bolsonaro’s Liberal party claiming 99 of its 513 seats – the largest bloc in more than two decades.

“The media and the whole world was outraged by Bolsonaro’s conduct and handling of the pandemic … [But] the people do not share our thoughts,” she said.

“Their reasoning is: I don’t want the PT, I don’t want this crook Lula, and I don’t want these lefties coming along championing things like gay marriage and abortion,” she said.

The president’s son and political heir apparent, Eduardo Bolsonaro, was re-elected to congress, but received 1m fewer votes than the last election and lagged behind one of Lula’s proteges, the leftist Guilherme Boulos.

Dieguez still believed Lula would beat Bolsonaro when 156 million Brazilians return to the polls later this month

How can people can still sign off on this … and think Bolsonaro’s a decent option?” Simões demanded as Lula and his supporters headed home voicing a mix of deflation and defiance

“My tears are tears of exhaustion,” Simões said, “but not surrender.”

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