Caesar who? Trump wants to honor one of America’s most obscure Founders.
Sep 17, 2020 1 min, 11 secs
When President Trump announced his plan for a National Garden of American Heroes in July, the list of those to be honored were some of the most famous names in American history — suffragist Susan B.

On Wednesday, in concluding the White House Conference on American History, which was led by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and featured mostly non-historians attacking actual historians, the president signed an executive order to promote “patriotic education” by convening a “1776 Commission.” This was an apparent dig at the New York Times’s 1619 Project on the beginning of American slavery.

“Caesar Rodney was called upon to break the tie, even though he was suffering from very advanced cancer, he was deathly ill,” Trump said Wednesday.

As luck would have it, Rodney came from Delaware, the home state of former vice president Joe Biden, Trump’s opponent in the November presidential election.

Trump has been a vocal opponent of statue removal, incorrectly claiming in his speech Wednesday that he had signed an executive order making it so “if you demolish a statue without permission, you immediately get 10 years in prison.” (Laws already exist against destroying statues, and a 10-year sentence is neither “immediate” nor mandatory.).

In honoring Rodney, Trump attacked his opponent Wednesday.

“Joe Biden said nothing as to his home state’s history, and the fact that it was dismantled, dismembered and a Founding Father’s statue was removed,” Trump said.

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